Tibettan New Year ceremony in Kathmandu

Back in The Netherlands we are able to scan the slides of our overland journey.
The comming months all pages of this website will be updated with new pictures. On this page you will find the list with updates. The new scans are made with a Minolta DiMage Scan Elite 5400.

15 July 2007 Many new pictures included in the pages of Pakistan, India and Nepal. Look for the symbol. Rishikesh, India
1 July 2007 Images of Iran - a picture collection. Yazd, Iran
20 August 2006 The border crossing between Syria and Turkey (Dutch). Byzantine dead city
6 August 2006 Roman Heritage - a picture collection. Baalbek, Lebanon
18 June 2006 Images of Pakistan - a picture collection. Naltar, Pakistan
27 May 2006 Cruising East - a picture collection - updated. Naltar, Pakistan
21 May 2006 Sacred places - a picture collection - updated. Esfahan
15 May 2006 Polo in Gilgit. Polo in Gilgit
11 March 2006 View the places in Google Earth! Hunza in Google Earth
19 February 2006 Sacred places - a picture collection. Cave temple
19 February 2006 A picture collection of the frontier city Peshawar, Pakistan. Bahadar Khan
16 January 2006 Tamil Nadu, India: the Ramanathaswamy Temple. Ramanathaswamy Temple
10 December 2005 Summertime in Iran: salt instead of snow. Bakhtegan Lake
9 October 2005 New and better scans of the Shandur polomatch. A dead horse is loaded on a Hilux
3 September 2005 The Packing and Advice list used to be a text-only page... not anymore! Camping at Ultar Meadow
30 August 2005 Ursa Minor with Polaris above Annapurna South. Annapurna South
1 July 2005 A story in Dutch about Peshawar, written for the magazine Rails. Family meeting in Peshawar
14 June 2005 Under the night sky - pictures that took more than a second. Moonrise in Goa
4 June 2005 The Islamabad Kitten, our tiny passenger for a week. On the Shandur pass
21 May 2005 The citadel of Bam, before the earthquake. Bam
12 March 2005 Cruising East - a page with lots of new pictures. Cruising East
9 March 2005 We camped at many bizarre places, like this prison in Pakistan. Tahkt-i-bahi
14 February 2005 Our journey started in Europe! The Forum Romanum
12 February 2005 Pictures from the Everest and Gosainkund treks Buddhist stupa
20 December 2004 Almost a year ago: the devastating earthquake in Bam Bam 27-12-2003
20 December 2004 A very uncommon sight during our trip: pigs! (Nepal) Pigs in Nepal
30 November 2004 Orion above Annapurna South, and Orion above Choqa Zanbil Annapurna and Orion
22 August 2004 Many new pictures on the Pakistan and India pages. Uch Sharif
20 August 2004 One of the few "wildlife" pictures taken during our trip... Flying insect in Pakistan
20 August 2004 The Amir Chakhmagh mosq in Yazd, Iran The Amir Chakhmagh mosq in Yazd
20 August 2004 Deosai Plains, Pakistan Deosai Plains
31 July 2004 Pictures of Esfahan, Iran Esfahan
31 July 2004 More Karakoram pictures. Kaghan valley
27 July 2004 The story in Dutch about the riots in Islamabad The riots in Islamabad
27 July 2004 Driving in India (Dutch) The Indian Highway
26 July 2004 The story in Dutch about the Karakoram Highway The Karakoram Highway

Picture copyright owned by Erwin Voogt.
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