Earthquake in Bam

Utrecht - Lhasa

The citadel before the earthquake
Sadly, this picture is history...

The pictures below are taken in the afternoon of 27 December 2003, about 36 hours after the devastating earthquake. The pictures are taken on Kodak Gold 200, developed and scanned in Kerman the next day. The quality is so so, but what can you do without a digital camera?
All pictures are taken by Bastienne Wentzel.

Update December 2004: the Dutch page shows some high quality scans from slides.

The remains of the citadel, as seen from the entrance gate.

Tourist office
Cynically, the tourist information office is one of the few undamaged buildings. On the left, people are digging for victims buried under the rubble.

A few of the countless victims.

Women waiting for help.
Many families were "camping" in front of their collapsed houses, waiting for new accommodation.

Central bus station
A soldier is guarding the collapsed bus station.

Mr Akhbar
Mr. Akhbar, right, is standing on the remains of his famous Akhbar Tourist Guest House. Nine guests were staying in his hotel when the earthquake occurred. Eight could be saved, but one backpacker of the UK was killed, according to Mr. Akhbar. His body is still under the rubble.

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