Solar Eclipse
March 29th 2006

Photography by Erwin Voogt

A total eclipse of the Sun is one of the greatest spectacles of nature and results from one of the most fortunate coincidences of nature: the Sun's diameter is 400 times that of the Moon, and the Sun's distance from Earth is also 400 times that from the Moon. Both subtend nearly the same angle of about 0.5 degree, so that the Moon's disk can appear just large enough to cover the Sun's disk.
On this page you see a sequence of pictures taken during the total eclipse of March 29th 2006. The pictures are taken at Cirali (Çirali), Turkey. Unlike the 1999 eclipse in Austria the approach of the umbra was not clearly visible this time. That's the drawback of a perfectly clear sky...
I used a wireless remote control to release the shutter of the Olympus OM4Ti. The pictures are taken on Kodachrome 64 with a Zuiko 16 mm F3.5 fisheye, stopped down to F5.6. The camera was set on auto.
The telephoto pictures are taken with an Olympus OM30 and a Zuiko 500 mm F8 also on Kodachrome 64.
The pictures at the bottom of this page show the odd sickle shaped projections of the Sun that appear everywhere just before and after total darkness. These pictures are taken with an Olympus C5050 digital camera. Also the animation shown on the right is composed of pictures taken with the digital camera.

Eclipse animation
Diamond ring
Moon shaped shadows
Moon shaped shadows

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